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Box - S'mores Kit w Lilin+Co

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Product Description

Spice up your Xmas party this year end with your own S'mores Kit. Top it up with a mood enhancing hand-poured candle by Lilin+Co to amplify the delicious toasty marshmallow aroma.

Each kit contains the following items: 

  • A pack of marshmallows (8 cubes) 
  • A jar of handmade butter cookies and chocolate shapes
  • Wooden skewers (for skewering marshmallows for toasting)
  • A hand-poured craft Burnt Fig & Cassis candle by Lilin+Co

Adult supervision required for toasting marshmallows.

Ingredients: Butter, eggs, flour, vanilla extract, chocolate couvertures, icing sugar, salt, cornstarch and gelatine (for marshmallows).