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Mini - The Vegan (12 pieces)

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Product Description

Looking hard, weren't you? Don't worry we did not forget about the lactose-intolerant or vegan folks. Here's our take on the dairy-free chocolate truffles made with extra virgin coconut oil and nut-based milk.

Taste profile: Dark chocolate first notes. Blast of tropical coconut flavour. Ends with a well-balanced bitter sweet taste. 

Dietary concerns: Vegetarian. Gluten-free. Liquor-free. Vegan-loving.   

Packing and storage requirements: Must be kept refrigerated at all times. Do not freeze. Refer to bottom of box for best before.

Important note for fulfillment of online orders: Please note that we have a cut-off time of 4PM for next day delivery. For example, if you order and pay before 4PM of Tuesday, you will receive it on Wednesday between noon until 5.30PM.